Sarah Vanagt / 31’ / Belgium

Direction: Sarah Vanagt

Production: Alice Lemaire


Editing: Effi weiss

Cinematography: Ruben Desiere

Sound: Gedeon Depauw, Kwinten Van Laethem

I’m going on a journey and I’m taking with me: an elephant bone to stir in the food, a feather to catch winged termites, eight butterflies, a rope made from fragrant roots… and 150 metres of exposed but undeveloped film destined for the Ministry of Colonies.

SARAH VANAGT (1976) makes documentaries and video and photography installations in which she combines her interest in history and the origin of cinema.
Her work includes films such as After Years Of Walking (2003), Little Figures (2003), Begin Began Begun (2005), Boulevard D’ypres (2010), The Corridor (2010) Or Dust Breeding (2013). Her work is shown both at international film festivals (FidMarseille, Viennale, Doclisboa, Idfa Amsterdam, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Madrid/
Berlin, etc) and in museums.