Documentary film festivals are probably the most crucial events of our time. In an era like ours, when journalism regularly sees itself committed to keeping the minorities that finance it happy within their ideological guidelines (torn between the analysis of the present and the fashionable headline) and in which we bind ourselves with enthusiasm and conviction to a virtual world, accessing reality has become an often banal and naive activity.


It is within this context that the documentary film becomes strong. And so here is MiradasDoc, back for another year. Here is factual cinema, as a strong bastion of truth. A time and a place for unconstrained observation and for immersion in the fabric of the present. An open window for the eyes, a wake-up call for the conscience, a fuse to ignite the heart. Here, from north to south and from east to west, are the versions of the world offered to us by the crusaders of reality: the documentary filmmakers. And here we are; to look, to learn, to understand, to discover, to decry and of course to enjoy. This year, as every year, we would like you to join us in this adventure which is so exciting and so real. Everyone is invited. Come and see. Never has it been better said.

MiradasDoc is an International Documentary Film Festival which gives preference to documentary films on social subjects and to those produced or shot in south global countries, as well as to those which deal with subjects such as south-south relations. The festival is structured along three main lines: festival, market and training and each one of those lines includes in turn a series of events related with reality cinema.