Mohamed Sessy Kamara / 72’ / Sierra Leone, South Africa

Direction: Mohamed Sessy Kamara

Production: Fouad Kargbo, Don Edkins, Tiny Mungwe


Editing: Aminata Bockarie, Phil Jandaly


Sound: Alpha Amadu Bah

Twin sisters Husinatu and Hassanatu decide to escape the bad economic prospects by emigrating to the middle East to become domestic workers.

MOHAMED SESSY KAMARA (director, writer, director of photography) is a multi-talented filmmaker and human rights activist who advocates for disad- vantaged people, especially in slum communities. He became a filmmaker in 2005 and is a co-founder and secretary-general for the Sierra Leone Film Council, the country’s first media-makers union. He is the managing director for Brighter Days Media Pictures, and CEO and creative director for the Sierra Leone Next Movie Star reality TV Show. He has worked as a project officer and director of photography for WeOwnTV Freetown Media Center for seven years. Sessy has worked with Caleb Heymann, a documentary filmmaker from Portland State University Foundation has written and directed two documentary films and worked as a director of photography for an Emmy Awards nominee ebola survivors film,
Moving To The Beat.