Raúl Riebenbauer / 24’ / Spain

Direction: Raúl Riebenbauer

Production: Rinoceronte Films, El señor Bauer

Script: Raúl Riebenbauer, Nayra Sanz Fuentes

Editing: Raúl Riebenbauer, Nayra Sanz Fuentes

Cinematography: Raúl Riebenbauer

Sound: Rubén García, Álex F. Capilla

A journalist asks his second father to make him an object for a funeral ritual. With it, he will try to close a long and obsessive investigation into the case of Georg Welzel, one of the last two men executed by garotte in the Franco dictatorship in Spain.

RAÚL RIEBENBAUER (Valencia, Spain, 1969) is a documentary filmmaker, journalist and writer. He is the author of the non-fiction book The silence of Georg, an in-depth investigation into one of the last executed with garrotte in the Franco dictatorship. He also investigated the famous photograph of Capa/Taro’s militiaman and narrated it in the documentary The Shadow of the Iceberg. He has lived in Lima (Peru), where he taught documentary and investigative journalism workshops. Since 2017 he has been focused on creating documentaries.

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