Roopa Gogineni / 18’ / Qatar, Sudan

Direction: Roopa Gogineni

Production: Roopa Gogineni, Fiona Lawson-Baker, Reem Haddad, Trevor Snapp


Editing: Roopa Gogineni

Cinematography: Roopa Gogineni


In April 2019, a nonviolent youth-led movement in Sudan toppled the genocidal military regime that had been in power for three decades. After the fall, Sudanese from across the country made their way to Khartoum to demand a peaceful transition to civilian rule. There they formed a sit-in protest, where art became the means to conjure a new Sudan. Having known nothing other than state-sponsored propaganda on TV, a group of young revolutionaries perform an alternate reality as a roaming television news crew.

ROOPA GOGINENI is a photographer and filmmaker from West Virginia, now based in Paris. For a decade she lived in Nairobi where she developed a practice rooted in co-creation, working alongside communities of resistance across the region. She directed reality television in Somalia, documented revolutionary theater in Sudan, and chronicled the journey of Mau Mau veterans suing the UK government for colonial-era abuses in Kenya. Her films have premiered at festivals including IDFA, Hot Docs, Full Frame and Sheffield Doc/Fest. She has directed documentaries for The New York Times, BBC, and Al Jazeera and has received fellowships from CatchLight, Logan Nonfiction and FRONTLINE/Firelight.