Travels Around The World

ANIDOCS - Proyecto seleccionado: Viajes Alrededor del Mundo

Original title:: Viajes Alrededor del Mundo
English title: Travels Around The World
Language: Spanish

Non-Fiction animated series (4×22′) that explores the stories of some outstanding travels around the world. The point of view of the series focuses on a specific protagonist and how each new journey has shaped and revolutionized the imagination of its time.

Director - Francisco Greene Francisco Greene
Writer / Producer with experience in documentary, fiction and lately: animation. He specializes in the creation and
production of audiovisual content for television and digital platforms. Member of the Audiovisual Directors,
Screenwriters and Playwrights of Chile. Has two poetry books published.

Some of his recent works as a writer include the non- fiction TV series: Shipwrecks (4×52′, 2015); and Immigrants
(20x 3′, 2018). Currently, he’s directing the short film The River (15′) and developing a new non-fiction tv series:
Geopoetics (4×45′). And Travels Around The World (4×22′), indeed.