Nahota and the mermaid


ANIDOCS - Proyecto seleccionado: Nahota e a Sereia

Original title: Nahota e a Sereia
English title:: Nahota and the mermaid
Length: Mozambique
Duración: Medium
Language: Portuguese

A climate change story told through a love affair between a fisherman and a mermaid. The VR is a window to the wisdom magical world of the Nahota, who is part of the Swahili cultural heritage and his deep connection to the mermaid who in this culture, represents the spiritual world of nature.

Directora - Yara Costa Yara Costa
Yara is a female creative director from Mozambique. Her work reflects her questionings about contemporary Africa and through storytelling she wants to share her vision of the world merging new technologies, sound, film, tradition, culture, and environment.

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