Michelle Coelho / 21’ / Cuba, Brazil

Direction: Michelle Coelho

Production: Michelle Coelho, Samuel Didonato, Juliana Fanjul, Carlos Ibanez-Diaz

Script: Michelle Coelho

Editing: Caio De

Cinematography: Luiza Calagian

Sound: Ayrton Paul, Jose Carlos Valencia

One night a woman dreams that she becomes an animal. In her nightmare, machinery comes to life in the form of a baby. Between sleep and wakefulness, she remembers her miscarriage and the ghosts that accompany her. The women of the island reveal mysteries that help her to heal the wounds caused by the violence imposed on women in the country.

MICHELLE COELHO. Journalist and filmmaker, and a graduate of EICTV. Her short film, Caja del Alma (2020), participated in the IDFA x EICTV exhibition. La Marcha de Balogun (2021) was selected in São Paulo. El Mar También es Suyo featured in Kurtzfilmtage. She is writing a film about the mining conflict in the Amazon.

Cuba, Muestras