Everlane Moraes / 21’ / Cuba

Direction: Everlane Moraes

Production: Gregório Rodrigues


Editing: Elena Cedeña


Sound: Vitor Coroa

Based on a mythical story and on portraits in Havana, the film depicts a journey through a magical world in which the inhabitants wander through dense darkness, looking for water as a safeguard. In the silence of the night, they will be influenced by the moon and the hypnotising powers of Yemaya, goddess of the sea.

EVERLANE MORAES. A graduate in Documentary Production by the EICTV, and in Visual Arts (UFS, Brazil). Member of the Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals, her films encompass different genres and formats, questioning the social, philosophical and spiritual aspects of the black diaspora. Her projects have visited diverse international workshops, such as San Sebastian, Berlinale Talents and MiradasDOC/ AFROLATAM. Her films have been screened at Sundance, Rotterdam, etc. She works on TV Globo as guest director of the series Histórias Imposibles, and she is developing several full-length films and a series.

Cuba, Muestras