Paula Bilbao Aragón / 70’ / Spain

Direction: Paula Bilbao Aragón

Production: Paula Bilbao Aragón

Script: Paula Bilbao Aragón

Editing: Ana Crespo, Piotr Bodak

Cinematography: Omar Caballero Gutiérrez

Sound: Miguel Aguilera

After having gone through what will surely be the most traumatic situation of their lives; Mousta, Moha, Omar, Anass and Badr are held for months in the macro-camp of Las Raíces. None of them has any certainty about their future. All they have left is faith.

PAULA BILBAO ARAGÓN A graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the UC3 in Madrid, her first short films as director and scriptwriter were Simón dice (2007) and Almodóvar contra Bergman (2009). She worked as assistant on projects such as Ira de Titanes (2011) and Fast and Furious 6 (2012) and, in 2013, she specialised in scriptwriting at the EICTV in Cuba, combining her artistic ambitions with assistant directing for filmmakers such as Ron Howard (En el corazón del mar) and Paul Greengrass (Jason Bourne). After her first documentary as a director, Inshallah, she developed several fiction projects.