Production Workshop 2009


• Critical route or general working plan.

• Research and development.

• Preparation of documentary shooting guide.

• Form and content. Search for an organic meeting of the two.

• How to choose shooting formats. Options, advantages and disadvantages.

• How to draw up an estimate.

• Talk with Jorge Sánchez, director of the Guadalajara International Film Festival. Film producer: The subjective idea becomes concrete in contact with others: a general panorama of the search for funds, screening, possible markets and audiences.


• Viewing films, preferably in halls but also on a monitor.

• Collective working sessions with projects and specific concerns of the participants.

Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez.

mercedes moncadaShe has a degree in sociology and her pre-film experienceincludes field research, and sustainable development of rural projects. Since 1996 until 2001 works as producer of advertisement, documentaries, and fiction’s films. Founded partner of the Mexican Chango Films, through which she directed and produced, with the support of Sundance Documentary Fund, the Mexican feature documentary La Pasion de Maria Elena (2003), with which one she won the Best Mexican Film in Guadalajara Film

Festival, Best Documentary Film in Sao Paulo Film Festival and Jerusalem Film Festival; Best Film in Amnesty International and several awards. Supported for Sundance Documentary Fund, Jan Vrijman Fund, Ibermedia program, and Ford Foundation; directed and produced the feature documentary The Immortal (2005). It was shown Forum in Berlinale, San Sebastian Film Festival, and Sundance among others. The Immortal was the documentary selected to close the reopening MoMA in New York and won the Best Latin- American Feature Documentary in Guadalajara Film Festival. The Mermaid and the Diver is her last film and its premieres was in The International Forum of New Cinema, Berlinale last February 2009. Actually she´s prepairing Ay Nicaragua Nicaragüita, documentary fi lm to be shot in Nicaragua. She lives in México.