Pitching Workshop


Marijke Rawie, ExpertDocs

Marijke Rawie, Director of ExpertDocs. Former Head of Arts and Documentary AVRO Broadcasting Company Netherlands. Specializes in international Documentary Pitching Training, Coproduction Consultancy, Moderation, Scriptdoctoring.

Is involved in international documentary institutions like: Documentary Campus Masterschool; pitching training EDN; head tutor of East European Forum (IDF, Ex Oriente Czech Republic); moderation Dragon Forum, Krakov; pitching training Copro Tel Aviv; expert Coproduction Forum Amsterdam (IDFA); moderation HotDocs; expert & moderation Sunny Side of the Doc; pitching training MiradasDoc; coordinator of European Fair Use initiative. Advisor and moderator of Italian Doc Screenings. Advisor of Romenian Documentary Association.

She studied Political Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. After her studies and before becoming Head the Arts Department at AVRO tv, she was an economic journalist for various national newspapers in the Netherlands.

Marijke Rawie, ExpertDocs, expertdocs@xs4all.nl or mrawie@xs4all.nl