Miradas-Doc is an International Documentary Film Festival that is focuses primarily on films produced or shot in the Third World and in developing countries. The festival combines five distinct yet complementary events.

1.- Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival. The festival is composed of an official section and a number of non-competitive sections. The official competitive section includes three mayor award categories:

  • -International —which in turn comprises the feature-length, short film and first film categories.
  • National
  • Canarian
As for the non-competitive sections, these are grouped around the following themes:

  • Film Library of the South —which offers a tour of the different national cinematographies on the three continents we focus on.
  • Filmmaker’s Retrospective, Personal Viewpoint —pays homage to a particular director’s career (the first edition was dedicated to Patricio Guzmán, the second to Basilio Martín Patino and the third edition to Abbas Kiarostami).
  • Off/Documentaries Today: a thematic sampling that, as the name indicates, reflects upon certain aspects of the current state of documentary film around the world.
  • Every year, MiradasDoc’s official section awards over 40,000€ in prizes.