miradasdoc market

Because of their geographical location, the Canary Islands may be considered a natural bridge connecting the continents of Europe, Africa and America, which makes the islands the perfect place to hold MiradasDoc Market, a media content market where documentary producers may sell their films to television companies and distributors.

The following companies have attended previous editions of the market: 3 SAT, ARTE TV, AL–JAZEERA, Canal France International, Canal Historia, Canal Odisea, Canal Plus, Cuatro TV, Doc & Co, Explora Films, First Hand Films, Icarus Films, ITVS International, J.M.T. Films Distribution, Nuevo Mundo Televisión, RTBF, Ruth Diskin Films, SABC, Smiley Film Distribution, SVT Arts & Culture, Tele Asturias, Telesur, Televisión Canaria, TV3, TV Cultura Brasil, TVE, TVES, YLE…

Guía de Isora is on the island of Tenerife. Its attractive landscape, a spring-like average temperature of 24ºC, and the island’s modern communications infrastructures combine its top-quality hotels to make this enclave the perfect setting in which to hold an international conference for documentary professionals.