Projects Pitches (November 5th)


Need funding for your project?

Present and pitch your idea to the best possible audience!

The Pitching programme is structured in two phases:

Main Pitch Session (presenting the project in public)

Each selected project will be briefly presented by its director and/or producer before a panel composed of commissioning editors (who are responsible for TV funding) and distributors invited to attend the MiradasDoc Market. A brief DVD demo-reel of the project may be shown to the audience as part of the presentation. The pitch session will be presided over by an expert moderator and will also include the active participation of decision-makers who will share information about the sort of programs that interest them, their channels’ editorial slants and their companies with filmmakers and producers.

One-to-One Individual Pitch Meeting

In a second stage, each project may be individually presented to members of the panel for discussion.

The main aims of these sessions are:

  • To fund documentary projects through coproduction or pre-buy agreements to be signed with broadcasters and distributors.
  • To enrich and develop project proposals with suggestions from commissioning editors following these face-to-face encounters.

***MiradasDoc Market provides translation services.

Who may submit a project?

  • Producers from Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as producers form other countries with projects to be produced in so-called southern countries or whose themes deal with north-south relations.
  • Language of project to be registered.
  • Spanish or English.

Requirements for submitting a project

You may submit your project by filling out the MIRADADOC MARKET entry form at Registration is free of charge. Please read the rules for submission before completing the form.

Deadline for submission is 4 september 2009.

Checklist for submitting a project:

  • Completed entry form (to be filled out online in the MiradasDoc Market Pitching section):
  • Synopsis explaining what the documentary is about
  • Treatment outlining how the story will be told
  • Research plan
  • Budget (in EURO)
  • Funding plan
  • Production plan
  • Director’s Filmography
  • Company’s profile

If the project is selected, the organization will be in touch in order to update this information (request pictures, etc.)

You may also send the complete project dossier, along with any graphic or media materials you may deem appropriate for consideration (DVD trailer, demo of previous works, letters of commitment from broadcasters and financiers, grants, etc.), via ordinary mail.

This material will not be returned to applicants.

The mailing address is:

MiradasDoc Market (PITCHING)

C/ Ayuntamiento, 4 – 38680

Guía de Isora, Tenerife, Islas Canarias - España

Please make sure that the project title and the production company’s name are indicated on any and all material you send.

Development Awards

  • FIA: he Media Research Foundation (Valencia, Spain) will choose two projects in the development phase that will have the support of two of their teachers who will track the project and act as consultants on it for one year.
  • MIRADASDOC will award 3,000€ to a project which shall be invested in the preproduction stage. For this purpose, it will be necessary to sign a contract specifying the award’s conditions: one-year term, delivery of documentary evidence (invoices, etc.).

Registration period and Fee.

Call for entries is open between June 1st 2009 and September 4th 2009.

Registration is free of charge.

Once the projects have been selected (there will be a maximum of 12 projects), producers must pay a 200€ fee in order to take part in the pitch sessions. This fee gives producers or filmmakers the right to present their project at the pitch session on November 5th, and to attend the Pitching Workshop on November 3rd and 4t. The aim of the Workshop is that producers/filmmakers selected for the pitch sessions may prepare their presentations with the help of an expert international tutor.

Selected producers/filmmakers must cover their own accommodation and travel expenses to and from the island of Tenerife. For assistance, please contact the festival’s Travel Department. They will give you suggestions on different travel and accommodation options.


MiradasDoc Market’s sponsors are sensitive to the economic difficulties that some producers face. Thanks to them, the organization is able to offer grants to cover the travel expenses of Pitching participants coming from Asia, Africa or Latin America.