Non-Competitive Sections

MiradasDoc’s non-competitive sections purport to offer the festival’s public an opportunity to truly experience the best documentary film production in the world through three well-defined courses of action. First of all, the “Personal Viewpoint” section pays homage to the film careers of well-known prestigious directors. Chilean director Patricio Guzmán, Spaniard Basilio Martín Patino and Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami have all been recognized by MiradasDoc for the quality and necessity of their work as well as their influence on documentary filmmaking. For its part, each year the “Film Library of the South” offers a selection of documentary films from three different countries, one on each of the three continents covered in the festival. And, lastly, the “Off/Documentary Today” section aims to offer a look at the documentary genre’s problems and how these are reflected in the contemporary scene.