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Zoltan Enevold / 52´ / 2009 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Zoltan Enevold
asina_trailerScript: Zoltan Enevold
Production: Zoltan Enevold
Cinematography: Zoltan Enevold
Editing: Zoltan Enevold
Sound: Zoltan Enevold
Original Music: Shuvo, Sohel Mota


Mawla is from Bangladesh and he lives in Madrid. He has managed to stabilise himself economically but there is still something missing: all his brothers and sisters and friends have got married and he continues to be bachelor. In order to fulfil his tradition, he decides to return to Bangladesh for the first time to find a woman and get married.

zoltanZOLTAN ENEVOLD. He graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and did post-graduate studies in Comparative English Literature at the same University. He has worked as a graphic designer, photographer, camera operator and video editor. He is currently a documentary director and producer.





Manel Almiñana, Itatí Moyano, Xavi Puebla / 52´/ 2009 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Manel Almiñana, Itatí Moyano, Xavi Puebla
asina_trailerScript: Manel Almiñana, Itatí Moyano, Xavi Puebla
Production: Eva Franco
Cinematography: Oriol Bosch
Editing: Manel Almiñana, Itatí Moyano, Sabih Puebla
Sound: Arnau Company
Music: Mikel Salas


On 28th March 2007, the film producer, Jordi Domingo, died in an accident. Only five days earlier, he had just finished the shooting of his latest film. He was thirty-five years old. Hacia Quimelca is the professional and personal chronicle of this atypical and exemplary producer; but it is also an impassioned look at the adventure of making films and the role of the producer.

manelMANEL ALMIÑANA (Barcelona, 1953). He has worked in Los motivos de Berta, Inisfree and Tren de sombras by José Luis Guerín. He has directed: Aqua el riu vermell, Terra Cuita, Solstici, L’Aranya.



moyanoITATÍ MOYANO (Argentina, 1978). She entered the CECC, where she obtained her degree in Film Direction. She worked as script with Ventura Pons. She also worked as Assistant Director on El Orfanato by J. Antonio Bayona.


XAVI PUEBLA (Barcelona, 1969). He is a tenured teacher of Cinematographic Direction and Scriptwriting at the CECC. He has directed: Cap a Quimelca, Bienvenido a Farewell-Gutmann, Viernes and Noche de fiesta




Juan Luis de No / 66´/ 2008 / Spain / DVCAM

Direction: Juan Luis de No
asina_trailerGuión: Juan Luis de No
Script: Juan Luis de No
Production: Pedro Lozano, Stephan M. Grueso, Juan Luis de No, Ricardo Fdez-Déu.
Cinematography: Juan Luis de No
Editing: Juan Luis de No
Sound: Best Digital
Original Music: Alfonso Arias

The price of living on the other side. Surroundings of Melilla, a tiny portion of Europe within Africa, which is the terrestrial frontier between Europe and Africa. Here, thousands of people survive from smuggling and wait for an opportunity to improve their lives. Meanwhile, the global economy advances inexorably without taking their negligible lives into account.


np JUAN LUÍS DE NO, Madrid, 1966. With over twenty years’ experience in the audiovisual world, he has worked as a director of photography or producer for almost all Spanish television channels and some North American and European stations, especially on cultural programmes. Since then, he has carried on a prolific career as a producer of documentary films, which have been shown mostly on television. Cien Metros más allá, his first full-length cinema film, which showed the day-to-day lives of smugglers on the Melilla frontier. This work has participated and will participate in a number of European festivals such as the Amsterdam IDFF and is selected to compete in the official section of the Malaga Film Festival.




Luis Cerezo / 90´/ 2008 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Luis Cerezo
asina_trailerScript: Luis Cerezo, Cristina Otero
Production: Margarita Trujillo
Cinematography: Miguel Ángel Trujillo
Editing: Cristina Otero
Original Music: Luis Cerezo



Fiesta sets out the debate about bullfighting like a mirror in which the contradictions of two opposing worlds are reflected, where the protagonists express themselves, eat, drink, dance, laugh, die and dream of a perfect world.


luis cerezoLUIS CEREZO. Born in Barcelona, he combined his art studies at the Massana School with his studies at the Barcelona Lyceum and a precocious career as a professional musician. After having worked as a freelance in the field of the audiovisual and multimedia and after further study, he founded Bloc Visual, S.L. (1996), a pioneer company in the multimedia sector. Especially interested in new technologies, he has created a couple of artistic and experimental works in the multimedia format (1998-1999). With the foundation of Rodriguez-Hachimaru, S.L. (2002), he began to focus his activities on the establishment of a production company dedicated exclusively to production. Then he made his first full-length film, N@ufragos (2004).




Odette Martinez-Maler, Ismaël Cobo, Laetitia Puertas / 57´ / 2009 / Spain, Francia / Betacam SP

Direction: Odette Martinez-Maler, Ismaël Cobo, Laetitia Puertas
asina_trailerScript: Odette Martinez-Maler, Ismaël Cobo, Laetitia Puertas
Production: IB Cinéma
Cinematography: Ismaël Cobo, Laetitia Puertas
Editing: Jocelyne Ruiz
Sound: Ismaël Cobo, Laetitia Puertas


Chelo is fi ghting to get the body of her lover and companion-in-arms, Arcadio, from a mass grave. He was killed in an ambush in 1946. Spain is currently denying her this right under the pretext that they were not married. But Chelo is not giving up and is fighting for her objective.


laetitiaLAETITIA PUERTAS. She worked at the “Simone de Beauvoir” Audiovisual Centre, where she was responsible for the conservation and dissemination of militant videos and for the creation of audiovisual archives.





ismaelISMAEL COBO. He studied cinema at the Université Paris 8 and ESEC. He made a number of portraits of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the South.


odetteODETTE MARTINEZ MALER. She is currently preparing a doctoral thesis on the transmission of memories related with the anti-Franco guerrillas at the University of Paris X.






Manuel Menchón / 83´/ 2008 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Manuel Menchón
asina_trailerScript: Manuel Menchón
Production: Ignacio Monge, Rafa Álvarez, Manuel Menchón
Cinematography: Gabo Guerra, Pope Maroto, Raúl Vaquero
Editing: Eloy González, Goyo Villasevil
Sound: Pecera Estudio
Original Music: Caldo, Yadam, Manu Chao


The fishing boat, “Francisco y Catalina”, is fishing close to the coast of Malta. A small boat that is drifting is spotted with fifty-one immigrants on board, including adolescents, men, women and one girl. After a vote, the crew decides to help the immigrants and takes them on board. But Malta’s refusal to give asylum to the immigrants will lead to an Odyssey of almost nine days, in which the ten fishermen have to live with the immigrants in no more than twenty-five square metres.


menchonMANUEL MENCHÓN (Málaga, 1977). He studied teaching (1996-1999) and Film Directing (1999-2001) in Madrid. Although Malta Radio is his first film, he has wide experience in the audiovisual field as a producer of advertising for important production companies. He has made his advertising filmmaking compatible with the preparation of scripts for different audiovisual productions. With the premiere of his first work, he can see a dream come true which has taken two long years of hard work.




Imma Serra / 26´ / 2008 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Imma Serra
asina_trailerScript: Imma Serra
Production: Imma Serra
Cinematography: Raúl Cuevas
Editing: Anna Petrus
Sound: Imma Serra


The day that my brother opened up his own butcher’s, many things changed at home. My mother went off to work with him and she became another kind of mother. From that day on, at mealtimes all the talk was about the butcher’s, a project which is the centre of all the concerns and hopes of the household. Even I have had to help them at times and that is how I have realised that in his shop, my brother has formed his second family.


carnicero2IMMA SERRA. She was born in Gerona in 1978. She is a graduate in Audiovisual Communication and Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her training culminated in the Creative Documentary Masters at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. For her masters, she participated as a technical sound assistant on the documentary, El cielo gira (2005) by Mercedes Álvarez, which won prizes abroad. Her first work is El meu germà és carnisser which has been shown at the Festival Alcances (Cádiz), Zinebi (Bilbao), En.piezas (Madrid) and at MiradasDoc (Tenerife). She is now working on her next documentary project, Calidoscopi.



Ndunga Nsangata / 52´ / 2009 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Ndunga Nsangata
asina_trailerScript: Ndunga Nsangata
Production: Gabriel Amdur
Cinematography: Gabriel Amdur
Editing: Ferran Gassiot
Sound: Alejandra Molina
Music: Les Rendez-Vous des Stars


Blanchard, Chagui, John, Mambueni and Chance sleep in Prince Street, the main road which runs through the little village of Inkisi, only 180 kilometres from the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are “Chegues”, a term which refers to Che Guevara, and which alludes to their capacity for resistance and their fight to survive. Poverty and the loss of traditional cultural values which put children at the heart of the family structure has generated despair in their families.


ndungaGILBERT-NDUNGA NSANGATA. He was born on 13th May 1950 in Brazzaville. After passing his Baccalaureate in Philosophy in Brazzaville, he studied cinema, television and theatre in Poland, at the Advanced National Cinema School. In 1980, he went back to the Congo and worked as a director and producer for the television, he worked with the national office of writers and actors of the Congo and developed an intense theatrical activity. Children of Inkisi is his latest film.





Jesús Méndez Cestero / 29´ / 2009 / Spain / Betacam SP

Direction: Jesús Méndez Cestero
asina_trailerScript: Jesús Méndez Cestero
Production: Alberto Calvo Báez
Cinematography: Alberto Calvo Báez
Editing: Alberto Calvo Báez
Sound: Txema Torres
Music: Raúl Aguilar y Roberto Guglieri


I have touched glory at three Paralympic Games and I don’t like sport. I have fought, I have suffered and I have won, but nothing has filled me with pride… And in my head there is a question reverberating which will not let me sleep: if I hate sport so much, why have I half killed myself training to reach the top?


 superFRANCISCO JESUS MENDEZ CESTERO. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and has finished the Advanced Course in Auteur Documentaries at the Cinema Observatory in Barcelona, the International Masters in writing for the cinema and television at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and studies in film scriptwriting at CECC. He is the director and scriptwriter of Superválidos and Apuntes de una mañana as well as the scriptwriter of a number of shorts.



Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Bridget Pickering, Ingrid Sinclair / 65´ / 2009 / Spain /Betacam SP

Direction: Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Bridget Pickering, Ingrid Sinclair
Producer: Cristina López-Palao
Script: Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Bridget Pickering, Ingrid Sinclair
Editing: Andrés Prieto

The power of African women: three women’s lives from different social levels and origins determined to bring about radical transformations in their day-to-day realities.


africa WANJIRU KINYANJUI was born in Kenya in 1958. She did postgraduate studies at the German Academy of Cinema and Television in Berlin (DFFB). Since then, she has written numerous documentaries and films.


ingridINGRID SINCLAIR. Born in 1948, She founded Zimmedia, a production company with its headquarters in Zimbabwe. Her experience over 18 years is backed by the prizes she has obtained.





bridget BRIDGET PICKERING. She was born in 1966 in Swaziland and lives in Johannesburg. She founded On Land Productions with Richard Pakleppa, which is a production company with its headquarters in Namibia.