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Soledad Torres Agüero, Felipe Rugeles / 18´ / 2008 / Argentina / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Soledad Torres Agüero, Felipe Rugeles
Script: Walter Mereles
Production: Felipe Rugeles, Emiliano Pinto
Cinematography: Soledad Torres Agüero, Felipe Rugeles
Editing: Felipe Rugeles
Sound: Esteban Abondano
Original Music: Esteban Abondano


Walter Mereles explores the deep and mysterious collective memory of the tiny rural town that is Fortin Soledad. The town contains traces of buried treasures from a time past. Walter weaves a fantastic story with the histories of two wars, the treasure which was hidden from invading forces, and his search for the existence of “The White Light”, an old legend which takes different forms among the townsfolk.


tesor FELIPE RUGELES. Audiovisual Filmmaker. Trained in cinema at the University of the Cinema in Buenos Aires. He has worked as a sound assistant and director’s assistant on a number of shorts. He has made the shorts Anguryd (2006), Menonita (2007), Las chivas de Luis (2008) and the documentary Buscando un tesoro en el patio de atrás (2008).

SOLEDAD TORRES AGÜERO. She is trained in visual anthropology, photography and audiovisual production. She has made five documentary shorts as a co-author: Un día en la carnicería (2005), Cows Moo Moo (2006), ÑamaqtaGaca César (2007), Potai Napokna (2007) and Buscando un tesoro en el patio de atrás (2008).




Debora Diniz / 24´ / 2009 / Brazil / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Debora Diniz
Script: Debora Diniz
Production: Fabiana Paranhos
Cinematography: Billa Franzoni
Editing: João Neves
Sound: Felipe De Simone, Eder Long


Bubú is a poet who has suffered twelve internments in secure mental hospitals. In the documentary, we can see three stories which become three acts of death. Jaime, Antonio and Almerindo are anonymous men but are considered to be dangerous to society. Their punishment will be the tragedy of suicide, the interminable cycle of internments or survival in perpetual prison in the “houses of the dead”


dinizDEBORA DINIZ is an anthropologist, with master’s and doctorate’s in Anthropology and with a PhD in Bioethics. She’s a professor at the University of Brasilia and director of Anis: Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender, a non-governmental organization specialized in Bioethics, Human Rights and Women’s Rights. Debora directed five documentaries: Uma História Severina [Severina’s Story, 2005], co-directed with Eliane Brum; Habeas Corpus [2005], co-directed with Ramon Navarro; À Margem do Corpo [A Disembodied Woman, 2006]; Quem são elas? [Four Women, 2006], Solitário Anônimo [Alone and Anonymous, 2007] and A Casa dos Mortos [The House of the Dead]. Debora has received over 36 national and international prizes.




Diego Mondaca Gutiérrez / 26´ / 2008 / Bolivia, Cuba / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Diego Mondaca Gutiérrez
Script: Diego Mondaca Gutiérrez
Production: Diego Mondaca Gutiérrez
Cinematography: Andrés Boero Madrid
Editing: Aldo Alvarez Morales
Sound: Rubén Valdés Sanz
Original Music: Canela Palacios


Through his memories of the “chirola” (prison), Pedro makes us learn about the freedom and the human being.


chirolaDIEGO MONDACA (1980) Bolivian filmmaker, made his first film works with the “UKAMAU Group Foundation” working with the renowned bolivian filmmaker Jorge Sanjinés (La Nación Clandestina, Ukamau). He worked for the Alternative magazine Rebelión as a correspondent journalist, writing articles about art, theater, and cinema. In 2005, was accepted at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV, San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba), specializing in documentary. In 2008 finished the diploma work La Chirola. Since then he works as an independent filmmaker. In 2009 scholarship holder in direction/ documentary at the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg (Germany).





Christopher Daley / 25´ / 2008 / Belgium / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Christopher Daley
Script: Christopher Daley
Production: Christopher Daley
Cinematography: Alexander Van Waes
Editing: Tom Denoyette, Christopher Daley
Sound: Nele Meirhaeghe
Original Music: Neil Turkington


A Sergeant in the US Marine Corps is nearing retirement after 19 years of active duty, which included three tours in Iraq. He returns to his hometown, stopping to visit family and reflect upon his troubled youth and broken marriage along the way. Slowly, the effects of the war come to the surface.


daleyCHRISTOPHER DALEY (1980) Finding Home is the graduation film Christopher Daley made for the master’s in film studies at the KASK in Ghent, Belgium. This is the first film he has submitted to film festivals.





Ferran Brooks / 14´/ 2008 / Spain, EE.UU. / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Ferran Brooks
Guión: Ferran Brooks
Producción: David Momparler
Fotografía: Ferran Brooks, Mario Mazzolli
Edición: Ferran Brooks
Sonido: Jon Alonsso
Música Original: Albert Lifelong, Ander Kuriaki


The viewer may find the content of this film offensive

La larga noche shows us, through absolutely straightforward and realistic language, the self-proclaimed “defenders of liberty” at the moment that they offer their moral lessons to the world. The dehumanization that we have allowed the defenders of liberty to take us to and the testimony without anger of Iraqis and American soldiers are the other protagonists of such outrages.


nocheFERRAN BROOKS studied Advertising and Anthropology at the Catholic University in Lima (Peru) and San Carlos UPV Valencia, Graphic Narrative at the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey (USA) and Audiovisual Production at the NYFA in London (UK). His professional experience has for the last ten years been in the field of advertising as copywriter, advertising creative and director.





Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro / 25´ / 2009 / Brazil / DVCAM

asina_trailer Direction: Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro
Script: Mayalu Matos, Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro
Production: Mayalu Matos
Cinematography: Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro
Editing: Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro
Sound: Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro
Original Music: Teatro Ofi cina Uzyna Uzona


War and drama rituals blend together in Canudos, in the northeastern hinterlands of Brazil, which rises again from the waters and from oblivion in the staging of “Os Sertões” (“Rebellion in the Backlands”) from the acclaimed novel of the late Brazilian writer Euclides da Cunha. The play is staged by Ofi cina Uzyna Uzona theater company directed by veteran and master director José Celso Martinez Corrêa.


taoLUIZ GUILHERME GUERREIRO was graduated in Cinema at Universidade Federal Fluminense - UFF, in Brazil. He worked in more than 50 short films doing different functions. Nowadays, he works mainly as cameraman and editor. Ser Tão is his third short documentary.





Marton Szirmai / 23´ / 2008 / Hungary / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Marton Szirmai
Script: Marton Szirmai
Production: Gyorgy Palos
Cinematography: Gergely Palos
Editing: Marton Szirmai
Sound: Rudolf Varhegyi


A small Hungarian village has to look on at its slowly sinking. A mysterious phenomenon – and no one helps lay bare the reasons. However, there is Joseph, the eternal optimist. He takes action, acts as a spokesman and hopes for change.


puebloMÁRTON SZIRMAI was born in 1977, in Budapest. He´s working as freelance director for public televisions and independent productions in Hungary. He directed several shortfilms and documentaries.






Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni / 15´ / 2008 / India / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
Script: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
Production: Film And Television Institute Of India
Cinematography: Shariqua Badar Khan
Editing: Abhijeet Deshpande
Sound: Anmol Bhave


 An unsentimental observation of an ordinary day in the life of a family that is far from ordinary. The mother cooks, the father delivers newspapers, and the son reads the newspaper with the aid of a magnifying glass he holds with his feet.


tresUMESH VINAYAK KULKARNI was born in Pune on 6th December 1976. He worked as an assistant director with noted film makers Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar for their feature films and documentaries. He was selected as the only Indian Student for The summer University course in LA Femis, Paris, in 2000.He joined the Film and Television Institute Of India , where he specialized in Direction. His Diploma film Girni (The Grinding Machine) won the president gold medal for best short film and best direction in the year 2005.His short documentary Three Of Us premiered in Berlinale and received many international awards. His first feature film Valu (The Wild Bull) premiered in Rotterdam 2008, was extremely successful with critics as well as common audience.





Ruby Yang / 30´ / 2008 / USA, China / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Ruby Yang
Production: Thomas Lennon
Cinematography: Yang Yishu
Editing: Gary Wong
Sound: Kyrsten Mate
Original Music: Bill Frisell, Brian Keane


“Frog” Cui and his friends navigate the dilemmas of being gay in modern China, torn between the lures of city life and the unyielding traditions by which they were raised. Frog loves his parents: does that mean he must honor his duty to them by marrying and bearing a child?


rubyRUBY YANG is a noted Chinese-American filmmaker whose work in documentary and dramatic film has earned her an Academy Award and numerous international awards. She lives and works in Beijing. Along with producer Thomas Lennon, Yang founded the Chang Ai Media Project (formerly The China AIDS Media Project) in 2003. Since then, its documentaries and public service announcements about AIDS awareness have been seen more than 500 million times. The Blood of Yingzhou District, which Yang directed as part of the project, won the 2006 Oscar for Documentary - Short Subject at the 79th Academy Awards in February, 2007.





Delphe Kifouani / 23´/ 2008 / Senegal, Belgium / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Delphe Kifouani
Script: Delphe Kifouani
Cinematography: El Hadj Mamadou
Editing: Roberto Ayllon
Sound: Philippe de Pierpont


I live on the campus of Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis in Senegal. I have met Africans from different places. One of them, from Senegal, has remained in my memory and in my soul. It was the first time that they spoke about my specific case, the fact that I come from Central Africa. That led me to get to know their society, their taboos. Now I don’t know where he is. I know that one day he left for Europe. My desire to make a film about our meeting again, our differences, the relations that we have been through, the friends we have had has arisen from his absence.

delpheDELPHE KIFOUANI. Director de cine. Estudia el Máster en Dirección Documental de la Universidad Gaston Berger de Saint Louis en Senegal. Un ami est parti es su primera película.





Sani Elhadj Magori / 13´ / 2008 / Niger / DVCAM

Direction: Sani Elhadj Magori
Script: Sani Elhadj Magori
Production: Sani Elhadj Magori
Cinematography: Sani Elhadj Magori
Editing: Sani Elhadj Magori
Sound: Pierre Bell, Awa Traore


In the streets of Saint-Louis in Senegal, Sani Elhadj Magori, a masters student at Gaston Berger University, decides to film the food chain based on bread, from its manufacture to the black market which accompanies the networks of begging.


notreSANI ELHADJ MAGORI. Born in Galmi (Niger) in 1971. He graduated in Algeria as an Agricultural Engineer and then worked as a journalist for a number of French and Nigerian magazines. Before making his first documentaries, he finished his Masters in Documentary Direction at the Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis in Senegal organized by Africadoc.




Marie-Louise Sarr / 28’ / 2008 / Senegal, Belgium / Betacam SP

asina_trailer Direction: Marie-Louise Sarr
Direction: Marie-Louise Sarr
Script: Marie-Louise Sarr
Cinematography: Ousseynou Ndiaye
Editing: Hervé Brindel
Sound: Alain Cabaux


Each day, the Gaston Berger university restaurant in Senegal provides food for more than 5000 students. A food chain that works from dawn to dusk. This film shows the patient and careful processing of food as well as the working bodies of all those who are preparing and serving the meals.


cadenaMARIE-LOUISE SARR. Born in Senegal in 1982. She studied her Masters in Documentary Direction at Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis in Senegal organized by Africadoc. Chaîne alimentaire is her first film.