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Daniel Lagares Ramírez / 41´ / 2008 / Spain / DVCAM


Direction: Daniel Lagares Ramírezasina_trailer
Script: Daniel Lagares Ramírez
Production: Daniel Lagares Ramírez
Cinematography: Daniel Lagares Ramírez
Editing: Daniel Lagares Ramírez
Sound: Goyo Rubio, Mª José Romero


At the rate set by their lives, Asina documents the daily life of Fuerteventura families, immersed in livestock activities on the island. A way of life based on a deep knowledge of an especially arid territory. This wisdom arising from adaptation continues to survive on a stage of fragility, where the traditional ways of life evolve towards the fields of folklore or new forms of economy such as building or tourism. Enshrouded in a constant wind, people, landscapes and animals are presented as a single reality.

dani asinaDANIEL LAGARES RAMÍREZ. He was born in Huelva in 1973 and has worked at different television channels as a camera operator and film editor. He left this activity to devote himself to the production and making of reports and documentaries. In the year 2000, he moved to Fuerteventura, where he currently lives. Asina (2008), his latest work, shows the daily lives of the livestock-keeping families of the Canarian island of Fuerteventura. This film is being very well received at international festivals and screenings of documentary and ethnographic cinema.


el extraño

Víctor Moreno / 1´ / 2009 / Spain / DV

El extraño

Direction: Víctor Moreno
Script: Víctor Moreno
Production: Víctor Moreno
Cinematography: Víctor Moreno
Editing: Víctor Moreno
Sound: Víctor Moreno

Who are we?

víctor morenoVÍCTOR MORENO RODRÍGUEZ. Realiza los cortometrajes Fajas y corsés, premio a la mejor película documental de Notodofi lmfest 07 y primer premio al mejor cortometraje de la 8ª muestra de cine de Lanzarote y, posteriormente, Fauna humana primer premio a la mejor película documental en el Concurso de Cortometrajes Cajacanarias 08 y mención especial del jurado Notodofi lmfest 08. Este año ha presentado los cortometrajes Felices fiestas y El extraño. Con este último acabada de ganar el Gran premio a la mejor película en Notodofi lmfest 09. Profesor de "Cine no narrativo y documental" del instituto del cine de Madrid NIC y de "Narrativas audiovisuales" del Instituto Europeo de Design IED.


segunda tierra

Alicia Fdez. Carmena, Chus Barrera / 52´ / 2009 / Spain / DVCPro50

Direction: Alicia Fdez. Carmena, Chus BarreraSegunda Tierra
Script: Alicia Fdez. Carmena, Chus Barrera
Production: Nimba
Cinematography: Pablo Barrio
Editing: Chus Barrera
Sound: Jesús González
Original Music: Fran Calvo Farray


The documentary, Segunda tierra, tells the stories of hundreds of immigrants who at some time in their lives took the decision to go in search of El Dorado. What has life held in store for them over the last few years?

chus y aliciaALICIA FERNANDEZ CARMENA was born in Madrid and is the scriptwriter of a number of programmes on television. She is director and scriptwriter of the documentaries, El Hierro: reserva de la Biosfera (2000), Europe: paradis ou mirage? (2004), Djiarama (2007) and Segunda Tierra (2009).

CHUS BARRERA. He was born in Gijón, graduated in Audiovisual Communication and devoted herself to production of a range of television programmes (2000-2007) for Televisión Canaria and TPA (Televisión del Principado de Asturias). Director of the documentary, Europe: paradis ou mirage? (2004), he also co-directed Djiarama (2007) and Segunda Tierra (2009).


semilla que el mar arrastra

El Hadji Samba Sarr / 62´ / 2008 / Spain, Senegal / DVCAM

Direction: El Hadji Samba Sarrasina_trailer
Script: El Hadji Samba Sarr
Production: El Hadji Samba Sarr
Cinematography: El Hadji Samba Sarr
Editing: El Hadji Samba Sarr
Sound: El Hadji Samba Sarr
Original Music: Mamadou Sene, Yuma


In Africa, there are many children who dream of being able to travel in small boats to a life in another continent, leaving behind their home and family with the dream of finding work at the destination that the sea gives them. They are the ones who manage to arrive at the internment centres for immigrant minors. This documentary film gives voice to these young immigrants who long for a better life in the promised land.

samba sarrSAMBA SARR. He was born in Dakar, in 1968. He made a career in the cinema starting at a young age. Selftaught, he has learned about the cinema on the set, in workshops in Senegal and Burkina Faso, and his training continued at the Madrid Film School, at Dragon Films (Belgium), at Studio West (Austria), at the Centre for Film Writing in Andé and at the Louis Lumière Film School (France)…