Chile / Spanish (Subtitles in English)

Direction: Magdalena Hurtado, Milena Castro

Production: Ignacia Merino, Isabel Reyes

Production Company: Dos Be producciones

The voices of three adult women open the doors of their childhood homes to go through them in a choral story. There still lives the darkness of the sexual abuse they suffered as children. After years of silence, today they manage to let go of their nightmares to release their stories through mutual trust.

Magdalena Hurtado – Journalist by training, she has been executive producer in documentary and fiction series for television and international platforms. She has also developed children’s fiction and non-fiction content in different formats and techniques. Lugar Seguro is her directorial debut.

Milena Castro – Milena is a director and has been linked to documentaries through the exploration of new narratives. Her short film “Julieta y la Luna”, premiered at the Huesca International Film Festival and winner of first place, is the initial inspiration for this project.