Miguel Ángel García Velasco / 16’ / Switzerland, Cuba

Direction: Miguel Ángel García Velasco

Production: Afrokuba proyecto etnovisual


Editing: Juan Carlos Llapur


Sound: Carlos Jíménez

Centuries of slavery could not erase the meaning and devotion to some gods that were worshiped in Africa. New forms of religiosity were reconstructed in America and in this, women played an essential role.

MIGUEL ÁNGEL GARCÍA VELASCO. A graduate in Social Communication (Havana). PhD in Social Anthropology (Seville). In Spain he studied Ethnomusicology and Musical Aesthetics of Flamenco. He studied in the EICTV and the international documentary production workshop. Organiser of cultural festivals, he works on the recovery, conservation and collection of the musical-religious heritage of the cabildos and groups representing African cultures in Cuba, having been commissioned by the Cuban Board of the UNESCO Slave Route to conduct an audiovisual register of the AfroCuban musical-religious heritage.

Cuba, Muestras