Olha Zhurba / 79’ / Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark

Direction: Olha Zhurba

Production: Darya Bassel, Viktoria Khomenko

Script: Olha Zhurba

Editing: Olha Zhurba

Cinematography: Volodymyr Usyk

Sound: Vasyl Yavtushenko

As a 13-year-old boy, he became the poster boy of the Ukrainian revolution. Now Roma is back on the streets with nothing in his pocket but a lighter and a knife. Can he get his life together before it’s too late?

OLHA ZHURBA is an Ukrainian filmmaker whose first fiction short film Dad’s Sneakers was premiered in
the short film competition at the Locarno Film Festi- val 2021 and won the Best Ukrainian Short Film and FIPRESCI awards at the Odessa Film Festival and the Kinokolo National Film Critics Award. Zhurba is also a successful editor of award-winning documentaries and festivals, including This Rain Will Never Stop and Home Games.