Nacho A. Villar, Luis Rojo / 81’ / Spain

Direction: Nacho A. Villar, Luis Rojo

Production: Tasio, Blur, Icónica, Birth

Script: Nacho A. Villar, Raúl Liarte, Luis Rojo

Editing: Sergio Jiménez, Ángela Gadea Mata, Mayra Moran

Cinematography: Michal Babinec

Sound: Jorge Alarcón

La Mala Familia, a group of friends who have not been able to see each other for some time, take advantage of Andrés’ prison leave to meet again. As the sun goes down, they will have to face a problem from the past that threatens to put them all in jail.

LUIS ROJO y NACHO A. VILLAR are members of the film collective BRBR (Madrid/London), founded in 2014 in the videoclip and urban music scene, and committed to new formats and cinematographic perspectives. Recognised as up-and-coming European talent, as demonstrated by their inclusion on the Saatchi&Saatchi New Creators Showcase list. They received a Golden Lion at Cannes Lions for Heroes of Today and a Silver Lion in Entertainment Lions for Sports. They combine a very meticulous aesthetic with a solid and consistent narrative, incorporating a dreamlike and fabulous tone to a realistic and harsh imaginary.