Internet Missionaries

Uruguay, Australia, France, India, Mexico

ANIDOCS - Proyecto seleccionado: Misioneros de internet

Original title: Misioneros de internet
English title: Internet Missionaries
Country: Uruguay, Australia, France, India, Mexico
Length: Feature
Language: Spanish, English, French
Subtitles: Spanish, English

Internet Missionaries tells the history of the first people that from different continents found a way to share and discuss topics of common interest in the fields of politics, inequality, human rights and the environment, laying on the way, the foundations of what we now know as the Internet.

Director - Leandro Barneche Leandro Barneche
Since 2016 has directed and produced several documentary series, and collaborated in many feature films. His concern with a wide range of topics and a profound curiosity for different types of narratives has led him to film various projects in Kenya, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.


2016 – Why Uruguay? – Director / Doc Series 16 ep 26 min
2018 – Monument of a country – Director & Producer / Doc Series / 13 ep 28 min
2018 – Génesis – Director & Producer/ Doc Series / 13 ep 30 min
2020 – Four movements at the banks of a river – Director and Producer/ Shortfilm / 15 min