Rolando Díaz / 79’ / Spain

Direction: Rolando Díaz

Production: Alejandra Mora

Script: Rolando Díaz, Doriam Alonso

Editing: Ernesto Arnal

Cinematography: Juan López

A film director in his 70s senses that the sly death is approaching. So he decides to make fun of the life in what will be his last film. To do so, he will use a 109-year-old quixotic old woman, with a desire to die. And three young artists.

ROLANDO DÍAZ. Born in Cuba and living in Spain for twenty years, Rolando Díaz has written and directed more than twenty documentaries and eight fiction feature films, among them Melodrama, selected by the Berlinale Forum and Table Turner, Festival Award Cartagena de Indias International (Colombia). His documentary feature film If you could understand me was also selected in the Forum Section of the Berlin Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and the Havana Festival. With The long journey of Rústico, he was nominated for the Goya Awards (Spain).

Rolando Díaz