Cameroon, Morocco, Spain / Spanish, French (Subtitles in Spanish, French and English)

Direction: Ben Gordon

Production: Ben Gordon

Production company: Ideas in Light Media

When he finally succeeded in emigrating to Europe after a horrific voyage from Cameroon, Adoum implored his younger siblings not to follow in his footsteps. Now he returns home for the first time in ten years, to debate the dangers of the route he chose with his family and fellow townsfolk.

Ben Gordon is a British commercial and film director raised in Andalucía who works equally in Europe and the USA. Festival recognition for his advertising work is ongoing, most notably from the Cannes Lions, FIAP and El Sol. His most recent short film screened in over thirty festivals and took home numerous awards, most notably at the L.A. Fear & Fantasy Fest, the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Fest and the South African Horrorfest. He’s had two feature films in development, with LAZONA Productions and Atípica Films.