Ever since 2006, DocExprés has been one of the distinguishing features of MiradasDoc. Especially designed for students of image and sound modules, DocExprés provides the three institutions offering these qualifications in the Canaries with real practice for their students. The workshop, coordinated by professionals in the sector, sets up a team for each of the institutions, with the challenge of seeing to the script, production, shooting and post-production of a documentary piece of no more than minutes, based on a theme given at the start of the workshop. Thus, with under a week to work, the teams have to submit a copy ready to be displayed at the festival’s official halls. Throughout the festival week, students come up against all the difficulties and complexities of working in production companies, with which they put their knowledge acquired into practice and have the chance of learning from their interaction with the professionals coordinating the work.


1Taller-Doc-Exprés-MiradasDoc-2011INSTITUTIONS INVITED


The institutions invited are all those in the Canaries offering qualifications in sound and image, in other words IES La Guancha, IES Felo Monzón and César Manrique de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Aside from the coordinating teachers supervising the teams (from IES La Guancha), DocExprés also has teachers from the professional sector. This year Roberto Lucas, director of Ciudad Taller, director of film and television, film editor and teacher will be responsible for coordinating the workshop. Together with him, there will every day be a talk with one of the directors invited to the festival for the official sections competed.


Roberto Lucas
was born in Salamanca in 1968. He studies audiovisual and performance production at the INFP Cesar Manrique de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. He then went on to study at the Escola de Imaxe e Son de Coruña, where he graduated as a top technician specialising in editing and audiovisual post-production. Since 1996 his work has been associated with audiovisual production, from producing to directing and editing. His training as a top technician specialising in Audiovisual Production resulting in him becoming part of production teams for various television formats for companies and operators at a local, national and international level.