Jakob Krese, Danilo do Carmo / 93’ / 2021 / Mexico, Germany, Brasil

Direction: Jakob Krese, Danilo do Carmo

Production: Annika Mayer (Majmun Films), Bruna Epiphanio, (Olhar Através)

Editing: Sofia A. Machado

Cinematography: Arne Büttner, Danilo do Carmo

Sound: Arne Büttner, Danilo do Carmo

Lilian and her four children migrate in search for a better life. The family leaves Guatemala, joining a caravan of thousands of other people trying to reach the Mexico-US border. Being a single mother, this is Lilian’s best chance to make the dangerous journey.

JAKOB KRESE grew up between former Yugoslavia and Germany. He studied Cinematography and Directing in Berlin, Havana and Sarajevo. Jakob has worked as director, producer and cinematographer of creative documentaries. In 2019, he co-founded the independent production company Majmun Films based in Berlin.

DANILO DO CARMO was born in the south of Brazil. He studied cinematography and editing at the University of São Paulo and at the Konrad Wolf film university in Berlin. La Espera, his directorial debut together with Jakob Krese, premiered at IFFR in Rotterdam in 2020 and has been shown at numerous festivals around the world.