Isora, por vía Oral

Coordinator: Cirilo Leal



Guía de Isora is a place of history and legend, but also oral tradition. With this entanglement of dreams and reality, our people’s memory will be recovered. The words of our senior citizens and those people with cherished social and cultural experiences that shouldn’t be lost will be celebrated through the programme “Isora, por vía oral”, by a team to be coordinated by writer and playwright Cirilo Leal, and made up of audiovisual professionals and students of Guía de Isora.

Isora, por vía oral, came about with the aim of creating a rich archive of life lessons preserving the popular wisdom of our neighbours in time, with the breadth of a social-cohesion project born from the area’s young and old coming together.

Cirilo Leal
Graduated in Psychology and Journalism, member of the Academia Canaria de la Lengua, as well as a significant theatre producer of the Canaries 60s generation. Researcher in the islands’ culture and history, with a particular interest in the emigration phenomenon. He contributes intensely to newspapers, magazines, and radio and television programmes, and in the latter case as a scriptwriter for various documentary series. He is active as an actor, director and writer in the world of theatre.