Svetlana Rodina, Stoop Laurent / 93’ / 2021 / Switzerland

Direction: Svetlana Rodina and Laurent Stoop

Production: Corinna Dästner, Sonja Kilbertus, Urs Schnell

Cinematography: Laurent Stoop

Sound: Jérôme Cuendet, Alea Jacta

On the island of Ostrov in the Caspian Sea the inhabitants, left alone by the Russian state after the collapse of the Soviet Union, survive through poaching. Ivan regularly goes out to sea risking his life and freedom.He struggles, he laughs, he dances, he fights and he believes that one day Putin will see their misery and help.

SVETLANA RODINA. She has worked as a reporter and host for various TV programmes on the RTR channel. In 2011 she became editor-in-chief of the documentary department of one of the largest production companies in Russia; United Media Group. Since 2006 she has primarily worked as a script writer and director for documentaries.

STOOP LAURENT. Just after the end of the Soviet Union he moved to Moscow and worked as a freelance photographer with the photo agency Lookat. In 1995 he founded the production company Mayak-Film. Since then he worked as DOP for various television and feature documentaries, including the award winning and critically acclaimed Citizen Khodorkovsky(2016).