Marcel Beltrán / 80’ / 2020 / Cuba, Brasil, Colombia

Direction: Marcel Beltrán

Production: Marcel Beltrán & Paula Gastaud

Editing: Marcel Beltrán

Cinematography: Marcel Beltrán

Sound: Homer Mora

A group of Cuban migrants use their mobile phones to record and transmit through social networks intimate moments of their passage through the jungle, gathering more than 100 hours of experiences. Immobilized in a makeshift camp by Cáritas in Panama City, the difficult passage through the Darien Jungle comes to life on their devices. In this migratory limbo, Cuban director Marcel Beltrán films the passing of the hours in the camp and gains access to this shocking archive.

MARCEL BELTRÁN is a São Paulo based artist, film director, editor and producer, working with analogic cinematographic processes, founder of Mediocielo Films, doing international project consultancies and a facilitator of sustainability within the arts. Beltrán’s work combines image degradation, memory and life experience creating a dialogue between the poetic and political / the intimate and public.