Joana Oliveira / 80’ / 2021 / Brasil

Direction: Joana Oliveira

Production: Joana Oliveira, Luana Melgaço

Editing: Clarissa Campolina

Cinematography: Cristina Maure

Sound: Gustavo Fioravante

It’s the first time that Joana, a Brazilian woman, visits her friend Kevin in Uganda. They became friends 20 years ago while studying in Germany and they haven’t seen each other in a long time. A film about a friendship between women.

JOANA OLIVEIRA is a Brazilian director and screenwriter that lives in Belo Horizonte. Joana has studied Film Direction at EICTV, Cuba. In 2006, shewas selected to the Talents from the Berlinale. She has directed short films that were shown internationally, TV shows and documentaries. Joana has also directed her first feature documentary film Morada and owns the production company Bukaya Filmes.