The call is open to projects in the following areas animation documentaries as well as immersive reality projects and virtual animation documentaries. These are unitary pieces (short films, feature films, international series and new media) of animation in the initial phase of development, produced in all countries of the world, whose stories address issues of the Global South or related to Africa or Latin America.

VII Animation Lab will be held in November- December 2023, online and as an annexe to MiradasDoc.

Participation in the Animation Lab costs 100 euros per project selected. In addition to participation in the workshop, this includes registration to MiradasDoc Market.

Entries can be made between 21 September and 9 October 2023.

Article 1

Entries can be made by filmmakers from any part of the world who have an animated documentary project in development. Projects must be one-off pieces: feature films, short films or new media whose stories address issues of the Global South, or related to Africa or Latin America.

Article 2

Interested parties can enter their projects by completing the online registration form and accepting the published terms and conditions. Entries can be made between 21 September and 9 October 2023.

Article 3

The Festival will recognize the person who signs the entry as the sole point of contact for all issues related to the participation of the project and as having sole responsibility to other companies or persons involved in the workshop.

Article 4

The decision regarding project selection will be final and there will be no appeal. Until the Festival decides to make an official announcement, the invitation of each project to participate will be strictly confidential between the management of VII Animation Lab and the project’s filmmakers or representatives.

Article 5

The filmmakers of the selected projects commit to:

– Send the information required by the organization for the MiradasDoc industry catalogue and the festival website, in English and Spanish.

Article 6

For projects selected to participate in the VII Animation Lab, there is a cost of € 100 per project. This includes a documentary project development laboratory, and accreditation to MiradasDoc Market. Remote participation will be considered following project evaluation by the selection committee.

Article 7

Any questions that may arise in the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be resolved by the event management.