90 min / Spain

Direction: Guillermo Roqués, Javier Marin, Rafa Honrubia

Production: Carlota Coloma

Company: 15L FILMS

This documentary explores the Dutch Blue Helmets’ sense of guilt after failing to prevent the Srebrenica genocide, the largest massacre on European soil since the Second World War.

Javier Marín. Murcia, 1975. Journalist, director and film producer. His first documentary, Owino (2017), premiered at Seminci and has won, among others, the best international documentary at the Film Festival in Rome. In 2019, he worked in the production and editing of the documentary “La Agencia”.

Guillermo Roqués. Valencia, 1981. Journalist, scriptwriter, editor and docmaker. He has co-directed a short documentary, Pianola (2011), and a long feature documentary The Right to Rest (2019).

Rafa Honrubia. Valencia, 1981. Journalist and documentary photographer. He has worked for 5 years at the Europa Press agency. He has published photographs and articles in various Spanish media.