95 min / Sudan / Arabic (English and French Subtitles)

Director: Elsadig M Abdulgayoum

Producer: Alyaa Musa

Production Company: Black Balance Artistic Production

When Elsadig and Abuzar meet while filming the Sudanese revolution 2019, neither knew they would eventually turn the camera on each other. An intimate journey of a growing friendship between two directors, whom seeking redemption and beauty through the art of filmmaking when all the odds are against them.

Elsadig Mohamed Ahmed Abdulgayoum is a Sudanese photographer and filmmaker. Born and grew up in Omdurman, Sudan. He studied Multimedia from 2005 to 2008. After graduation, Elsadig participated in a few filmmaking and photography workshops in Khartoum and other cities in the continent, which raised his awareness about film and new media. Elsadig employs filmmaking, photography as tools to tell stories, research and develop further understandings of his own reality, express his imagination and to try open some doors that could create dialogues with distant audiences.


Abuzar Osman is graduated from the telecommunication engineering college at the University of Alnileen, Khartoum Sudan. His passion of classic photography is encouraged by his father who used to collect old classic cameras to document their life in rural Darfur where he was working on local trades.


Upon graduation Abuzar started a private business investing in a café in Khartoum where he also held some cultural events. Aubzar joined few workshops and filmed few videos for his fellow trainees. Between Dec 2018 until the end of March Abuzar joined a journalistic network Ayin (Witness).