Fatimah Dadzie / 43’ / 2021 / South Africa, Ghana

Direction: Fatimah Dadzie

Production: STEPS, 1082

Editing: Gloria Adotevi

Cinematography: Yao Ladezpo

Sound: Kofi Sefa

Fati, unhappy with the prospects as irregular migrant, returned from Italy to take care of her five children. She is facing stigma as a returned migrant with gossiping neighbors and friends, who paint her as a failure. Fati forges ahead but can she cope amid failed marriage, children being taken away and dire financial constraints? Alone and rejected, will Fati regret coming back home,
and will she succeed in her primary objective of getting the children back?

FATIMAH DADZIE. For over a decade, I have used my expertise and skills in film production to help capture and tell compelling stories of ordinary people. Fatimah purposely went into film production, a product of National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) of Ghana and University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. Her initial work was in advertising and television production. This experience has made her a compelling storyteller who is able to craft stories about marginalized groups. As a filmmaker, Fatimah’s forte is in documentary making, having previously directed success stories on reproductive health of adolescent girls and a UNESCO partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education. She is also a member of WeOwn TV Filmmakers Fellowship.