Robert Muñoz Rupérez / 27’ / 2021 / Spain

Direction: Robert Muñoz Rupérez

Production: Robert Muñoz Rupérez

Editing: Robert Muñoz Rupérez

Cinematography: Robert Muñoz Rupérez

Sound: Robert Muñoz Rupérez

At 84 years of age, Rosa realises that she no longer has the strength to take care of her daughter Eva who has Down syndrome, and she struggles to decide whether or not to put her into a care home. In this intimate portrait, we follow Rosa’s pain of indecision and her unique way of coping.

ROBERT MUÑOZ RUPÉREZ studied Multimedia Engineering at La Salle Bonanova University in Barcelona, Spain. In 2008 he founded an interactive advertising agency called Pulpolab and, in 2012, he co-founded a technology company called Typeform.

In what many would define as an authentic “middle-age crisis”, Robert decides to embark on a completely different venture and take on a year studying Documentary Film Direction at La Casa Del Cine (Barcelona, Spain). Dancing with Rosa is his first movie.