Francesco Montagner / 97’ / 2O21 / Czech Republic, Italy

Direction: Francesco Montagner

Production: Pavla Janoušková  Kubečková (Nutprodukce, Czech Republic)

Editing:Valentina Cicogna, Klára Tasovská,  Jorge Sánchez Calderón

Sound: Daniela Bassani, Marzia Cordò,  Adam Levý

Jabir, Usama and Useir, are three young Bosnian  brothers, who grew up in the shadow of their father, a  strict Islamist preacher. When he gets sentenced to two  years in prison, for terrorism, the three brothers are  suddenly left alone. They can explore the newly acquired  freedom on the difficult journey to becoming men.

FRANCESCO MONTAGNER studied Directing Documentary at Prague’s renowned film school, FAMU, in Czech Republic. In 2014 he directed, shot and produced Anima Resistenza, his debut feature documentary on the life and work of the renowned Italian animator Simone Massi. The film has been presented at the 71. Venice Film Festival and awarded with the Venice Classics Award for the Best Documentary on Cinema. Francesco currently finished his second feature documentary Brotherhood and he is also teaching at FAMU International in Prague.