Arami Ullón / 75’ / 2020 / Paraguay

Direction: Arami Ullón

Production: Pascal Traechslin, Arami  Ullón, Sebastián Muro, Andrew Sala

Cinematography:  Gabriel Lobos

Editing: Valeria Racioppi (SAE), Rebecca Trösch 

Facing the consequences of a violent uprooting, Mateo  Sobode Chiqueno has been recording stories, songs, and testimonies of his Ayoreo people since the sixties. In an attempt to preserve fragments of a disappearing culture, Mateo walks across communities in the arid and desolate Paraguayan Chaco region, and registers on cassettes the experiences of other Ayoreo who, like him, were born in the vast forest, free and noma dic, without any contact with white civilization, until  religious missionaries forced them to abandon their  ancestral territory.

ARAMI ULLÓN was born in 1978 in Asunción, Paraguay. Produced 18 And A Half Cigarettes (SPAIN/MEX/ PAR – 2011). Directed the feature documentaries El  Tiempo Nublado (CH/PAR – 2014) and Apenas el Sol  (CH/PAR – 2020). Her feature documentary debut was  awarded the Regard Neuf for Best First Film at Visions  du Réel (2014) and was the first Paraguayan entry to  the Oscars (2016). Her second documentary was the  Opening Film at IDFA (2020). She produces, writes and directs, between Switzerland and Paraguay.