Aicha Maky / 82’ / 2021 / Nigeria, France, Germany

Direction: Aicha Macky

Production: Clara Vuillermoz (Point du Jour-Les films du Balibari) Ousmane Samassekou (Tabous production), Erik Winker (Corso Film)

Editing: Karen Benainous, assisted by Coline Leaute

Cinematography: Julien Bossé

Sound: Abdoulaye Adamou Mato

Kara-Kara, the former lepers’ quarter, is the pariahs’ district of this town. Gangs referred to as the Palais have sprung up in this area and are spreading their influence throughout the town. Obsessed by a culture of bodybuilding and violence, the gang members induce fear in the population.

AICHA MACKY is a filmmaker and social change activist. Having trained as a sociologist, she then turned to documentaries. She completed a Documentary Cinema Master degree in University Gaston Berger / Saint-Louis / Sénégal. In 2016 she completed the worldwide multi-awards-winning film L’arbre Sans Fruit (The Fruitless Tree – coproduction Les films du Balibari/Maggia Images) which addresses the delicate question of infertility. In 2017, she founded her own production company, Tabous production, based in Niamey.