Pedro Figueiredo Neto, Ricardo Falcão/ 84’/ 2021 / Portugal

Direction: Pedro Figueiredo Neto, Ricardo Falcão

Production: C.R.I.M.

Editing: Francisco Moreira

Cinematography: Pedro Figueiredo Neto

Sound: Ricardo Falcão

Yoon follows the regular round trip taken by Senegalese routier Mbaye Sow, on an old Peugeot 504, along the 4000 Kms that separate the two places he calls home, Portugal and Senegal. It’s a perilous and lonesome journey south, filled with (mis)encounters and all kinds of challenges and compromises, where a complex network of relationships and grey areas must be navigated. Yoon is a Wolof word which can mean path, law, norm, religion, or simply journey

PEDRO FIGUEIREDO (1984) es un cineasta, antropólogo y arquitecto portugués. Su trabajo profesional y creativo se centra, entre otras cosas, en las fronteras, el desplazamiento forzoso y la segregación social y espacial. Ha dirigido cortos como Curupira (2016), Bulwark (2016), Sant’Ana Bikers (2013), Withering refuge (2020) o Sizígia (2021).

RICARDO FALCÃO (1980) is a filmmaker and anthropologist. Since 2007 he has been focusing his work on Senegal, country where he conducted longterm ethnography. This ethnography is at the heart of several of his professional and creative activities. His first experience with film was the ethnographic documentary Walo Walo in 2009.