90 min / Chile / Spanish, English, French, Dutch

Direction: Sophie Chevalier y Omar Zeballos 

Production Company: Galgo Storytelling

Alejandro, stolen as a child in Chile and sold to a Dutch couple in the 1980s, confronts the person responsible for his abduction: a Dutch nun. In his quest to find evidence against her, he discovers a child-trafficking network protected by a eugenics programme against the indigenous in his country of birth.

Sophie Chevalier-Zeballos (France, 1982), worked in Ecuador teaching photography and art in Quechua communities and in Chiapas, where she worked as a cinematographer, editor and director, creating content for indigenous children. Since 2010, she has been working with Omar Zeballos as director of photography and scriptwriter.


Omar Zeballos (Chile, 1984), worked in Mexico as a scriptwriter and production assistant. Since 2010, he has been working with Sophie Chevalier-Z on various projects (documentary and fiction). He directed his first French documentary Chassagne-Santiago, produced by Faites Un Voeu and France TV, broadcast in 2016.