Adrián Silvestre / 89’ / 2021 / Spain

Direction: Adrián Silvestre

Production: Javier P. Santana, Adrián Silvestre

Script: Adrián Silvestre

Cinematography: Laura Herrero

Sound: Alejandra Molina

Like the Earth, our inside is made up of different layers and strata, which shape our identity and tell our life story. What circumstances intervene in this process and make us who we are today? Six trans women travel to a small town in Le.n, Spain, where they will explore unbelievable landscapes, as well as the ins and outs of their own personalities. In their quest to find answers about what unites them as a group, they will learn to navigate their differences.

ADRIÁN SILVESTRE. Film director, scriptwriter and film editor, born in Valencia (1981), resident of Barcelona. He holds a degree in audiovisual communication from the UCM, a degree in film direction from the ECAM and a master’s degree in history of contemporary art and visual culture (UAM / MNCARS). He also studied project development and curatorship of film festivals at the EICTV, Cuba, and was an intern at the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome and in the Academy of France / Casa de Veláquez.