Concha Barquero, Alejandro Alvarado / 20’ / Spain / 2021

Direction: Concha Barquero y Alejandro Alvarado

Production: Concha Barquero

Editing: Concha Barquero y Alejandro Alvarado

Cinematographic: Concha Barquero y Alejandro Alvarado

Sound: Juan Carlos del Castillo

In the Spanish Cinemathèque’s warehouse we found the outtakes of Rocío. The forgotten images of this censored film come to life on the screen after 40 years.

CONCHA BARQUERO Y ALEJANDRO ALVARADO (Málaga,1975) filmmakers, lecturers and researchers.Being a creative tandem since 2001, they have directed several short and feature films in the field of creative documentary, among them Pepe El Andaluz (2012), premiered at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, has had a long career in festivals and cinemas around the world, being awarded at Documenta Madrid and Malaga Film Festival.