Monika Proba / 28’ / 2021 / Poland

Direction: Monika Proba

Production: Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association, Square Film Studio

Editing: Adriana Fernández Castellanos, Monika Proba

Cinematography: Zvika Gregory Portnoy

Sound: Monika Proba, Mikołaj Lendzioszek, Anna Rok, Lucyna Wielopolska- Lorenc

Vitali has always wanted to be a priest. There is only one thing left to do – according to the rules of the Eastern Orthodox Church, he needs to find a wife. Waiting for the change to come, he rents a flat with a friend from the seminary. They turn the two tiny rooms filled with books and icons into their own world, living beyond time and mundane rules. Years go by and Vitali’s family is still waiting for the return of the priest.

MONIKA PROBA. She was born in Montreal in 1987. Graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Warsaw and the Sorbonne. She also studied at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts of Yogyakarta as part of the Darmasiswa scholarship program. Graduate of the Wajda School DOK PRO course. Author of documentary films, reportages, and podcasts.