José Varón / 71’ / 2022 / Colombia

Direction: José Varón

Production: María Paula Hernández

Editing: Juan Sebastián Quebrada

Cinematography: Camilo Monsalve

Sound: Felipe Rayo

Yilmar González is a young boxer who works as a gardener in his neighborhood cemetery, in Cali, Colombia; where stories of their community and family that succumbed to the violence of their environment are buried. Fearing defeat of oblivion, he fights for the dream of change his environment through sports while learning how to be a father.

JOSÉ FELIPE VARÓN. Cali – Colombia (1987). Fiction and documentary director with a special focus on showing reality with intimacy. His aesthetic and poetic approach addresses issues related to identity and memory. He has worked on short films as a director and producer. Besides his debut feature film Nocaut, he has been commissioned, co-directed, and produced films for platforms such as Netflix, among others, and television channels. He is currently producing his second feature film War Brothers, projected for the end of 2023.