Jorge Moneo Quintana / 15’ 16’’ / 2020 / Spain

Direction: Jorge Moneo Quintana

Production: Kleinen filmak

Editing: Jorge Moneo Quintana

Cinematography: Jorge Moneo Quintana

Sound: Jorge Moneo Quintana, Benito

Seven centuries made of stone collapse without nostalgia in the blink of an eye. Some call the variable frequency of this blink History, others class struggle, progress, barbarism or cinema. If we assume that the accumulation of blinks during a lifetime is high, we can conclude that we spend a good part of it awake even though our eyes are closed.

JORGE MONEO QUINTANA. Graduated in Fine Arts at the UPV-EHU and Master’s Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentaries at the UAB. He has participated in renowned programs, such as IDFAcademy or Berlinale Talents, and his works have been shown and awarded at festivals, among which DOK Leipzig, IDFA, Punto de Vista, Málaga International Film Festival or Tirana International Film Festival. In 2019 he directed Orbainak and in 2020 In Ictu Oculi. He is currently working on his first feature film.