80 min / Argentina, Kenya / Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bantu

Directors: Mawete Paciência, María Eugenia Lombardi Alejandro Espolsino

Producer: María Eugenia Lombardi

Production Company: 80 Mundos/ Visual Works

Seven Latin American musicians travel to sub-Saharan Africa in search of the Bantu roots of the musical genre milonga, which, together with tango, is part of Rio de la Plata folklore. There they will find a deep connection between the two cultures, which dates back to the slave trade in colonial times.

Alejandro Espolsino (Argentina) trained in film directing, photography, drawing and animation. He has been working as an editor and photographer since 2010.
Mariú Lombardi (Argentina) trained in arts, film direction and production, distribution and audiovisual preservation. She has been working as a producer since 2010.
Mawete Paciência (Angola) has been a film director and producer for over 10 years.