Jenny Westergard



Commissioning Editor


Jenny Westergard is a graduated journalist from Helsinki University and has been working for Yle since 1985. She is currently working as Commissioning Editor for documentar y films in the Yle Co – production department. She is commissioning and acquiring for Yle Fem/Teema broadcast channel and also serving the online platform Yle Areena; focusing on contemporary, human interest stories with strong visual style, interesting storylines and good charac ters set in a social, political or philosophical context.


Is the national public service broadcasting company in Finland with duties laid down by law. Yle operates 3 national television channels, 6 radio channels, and growing internet service. Yle ranks first in television viewing in the country. Yle is a limit ed company mainly owned by the Finnish state and since 2013 financed by tax. YLE is a media company free from commercial and political affiliations, and its programs carry no advertising. Yle was established in 1926 and joined EBU, the European Broadcastin g Union at the very beginning in 1950.