The call for submissions will accept applications from documentary film projects which are currently in the development phase and have been produced between Africa and Latin America. This relationship can be for one of three reasons: the script’s theme tells a story which links the two regions, the film is co-produced by African and Latin American countries or shooting taking place in these locations.


They must be non-fiction projects with a minimum duration of 60 minutes. Projects which are audio-visual journalistic reports or in news bulletin format will not be considered. The fee of participation in AFROLATAM LAB is 100 euros.


The Festival will select a maximum of 8 projects for participation in this Co-production Forum, based on the reports prepared by three international experts. The film-makers responsible for the projects may be able to find strategic, industrial and financial partners among the professional guests attending Miradasdoc Market, who can help to co-produce their projects. Film-makers will also be able to present their projects to industry representatives in a pitching session and will be given a personalized appointment schedule for meetings with professionals interested in their projects.


The Africa – Latin America Co-production Forum will take place 3rd February, 2023 in the framework of the 16th Miradasdoc International Film Festival. During the four days before the Forum, Claudia Rodríguez from Preciosa Media (Colombia) will lead a development workshop with the aim of presenting each project to the Co-production Forum with the highest possible quality.


The projects submitted to the Africa – Latin America Co-production Forum will be subject to the following regulations:


Producers from Africa, Latin America, Spain, Italy and Portugal can submit projects which are currently under development and meet the following requirements:


  • Projects have a minimum duration of 60 minutes. Projects which are audio-visual journalistic reports or in news bulletin format will not be considered.
  • Projects will be presented by the production company and will have the involvement of the director or directors.

Those interested can register their projects free of charge, through the duly completed online registration form and having previously accepted these terms and conditions. Entries will be accepted from 11 July 2022 and the deadline is 5 September 2022.


The Festival will recognize the person who signs the entry as the sole point of contact for all aspects related to the participation of the project in AFROLATAM LAB and as being solely responsible to other companies or persons that are involved in the workshop.


The decision regarding project selection will be final and there will be no appeal. Until the Festival decides to make an official announcement, the invitation of each project to participate will be strictly confidential between the management of AFROLATAM LAB and the project’s film-makers or representatives.


The film-makers of the selected projects commit to:


– Confirm the participation of the project in the Africa – Latin America Co-production Forum and in the four-day development workshop, prior to the Forum.
– Confirm their presence and/or that of the director during the Forum (the attendance of both being preferred).
– Send the information required by the organization for the MiradasDoc industry catalogue and the festival website, in English and Spanish.


The Festival will award subsidies to the directors or producers of these projects for their travel and accommodation, and free access to Miradasdoc Market. A consultancy prize will be awarded to one of the selected projects, to assist with development of the project during the following year.


Once project production is complete, film-makers must include the AFROLATAM LAB – MIRADASDOC logo in the credits of the final copy.


Any questions that may arise in the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be resolved by the event management.